May 21, 2010

Women's Porn

When you find that person who's on the same page with you, consider it like you just won the lottery.

"Relationships are delicate. Both people have to be on the same page. Both people have to be at the same point in their lives, wanting the same things. Cant have any doubts or reservations. Do something too early, and you can taint it. Jump in too quick, you can screw things up. Wait too long, it may be too late. There are so many other variables besides who the person is.. you have to consider who they are now, who they will be in the future, if you have the potential as a couple to grow together..are you on the same page and will you continue to be?"
- Le Love
Yeah, I've been watching too many chick flicks. Go watch Letters to Juilet, now.

May 05, 2010


I know I should be studying. But I don't want to.

nthem to my love life.

I like the Beth Rowley version better though. Which you can only get on the An Education OST.

Anthem to my Life