July 29, 2010

Blog Worthy

(12:23:54 AM): why are you so smart and pretty
(12:23:56 AM): god damnit
I wish I knew Mellie, I wish I knew... AHAHA

July 28, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

Didn't go? You missed out! Because it was a blast! It was held just last weekend @ The cornfield.The weather was nice and hot (got a sweet-ass sun burn), great music, nice people, it was just an all around good time. Talented artists vended their prints, t-shirts, oven mitts, terrariums, hipster messenger bags, jewelery, and other crafts & art work. Here are some links to some of my favorite vendors:
Plus there was plenty of free goodies! And things are best when they are free. I got a bunch of pins, bumper stickers, fake ray ban shades,a tote bag, stickers, field notes journal, and photo booth pics + donations. Here are some pictures taken by the beautiful Mellie:

A cat's fantasy...
Fresh prints for sale!
Mellie as a felt owl. Hootie hoot?
Richard and I won some cool new threads! Thanks Threadless!
Art Vending Machines: 50 cents
My prize from the machine. This speaks to me, because I am the gold tomato. LOL
TAKE 3 (day 2)

July 27, 2010

Baby WD-40

Awww! Wookit the wittle WD-40! I gots it fwum the 99 cent stow.

July 24, 2010


Today I made my first pastry from scratch, with the help of Martha Stewart and Mellie <3

Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcakes & Homemade Caramel Candy
Put THAT in your mouth and taste it.

Just ran into this picture which was just taken a year ago. I miss my long mane *tear*

July 23, 2010

Reality VS. Dream World

"Well dreams, they feel real when we're in them right? It's only when we wake up that we realize something is actually strange."
- Inception

If you haven't watched this movie, please lift your ass off this chair and get yourself to the nearest theater... NOW. 

This movie is intellectually stimulating, it's just what I needed for this lazy summer! I can officially say that Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor. In addition, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is ONE HOT NUMBER. Seeing him act as this smooth character (something I'm not use to) is so damn sexy! I can die happy now.

Look at that expression, tell me that doesn't make you melt? I have a feeling that there are going to be plenty of man crushes on him.

P.S. DAMN YOU NOLAN!! Why must you leave me out in the cold like that?! Now I'll be thinking about it all night.

In case you were lost throughout the movie:

July 14, 2010


the simple things in life.
  • driving alone, and your jam comes up. 
  • riding your bike under the shade of trees. 
I miss riding my Chocolat on campus :[
  • deep conversations about life, love, and relationships.
  • imagining you are a character in a music video or imagining that you were the inspiration for a song.

    I like doing this when I'm walking home alone, while listening to Phantom Planet- Somebody's Baby.
  • doing nothing with great friends. 
  • Chocolate run with the BFF.

    Get a free chocolate every month @ Godiva when you get a rewards card!
  • making a bad situation into a positive.
So I directed my friends to the wrong trail while hiking. We thought we were going to a water fall which is only a little over 2 miles (to and back), but we ended up nearly being on top of a mountain that was a little over 5 miles. We may have walked a lot in the hot sun, but the memories are worth it .
  • a reminder of how our parents use to sing, play, and comfort us as kids. 
  • being immature on purpose and laughing really hard about it.
  • Hot dog and a drink for $1.50
Yummy, Costco food after studying for a political science midterm.

      July 06, 2010

      Action Scene

      I'm horrible. It's 4:17am, and I have class at 8:00 am. I always do this to myself. I think I'm meant to be nocturnal. Oh and yes, I was able to add my Poly Sci class; All thanks to perseverance. I thought my chances were slim to none because there had to be about 20 people trying to add, and 2 open spots. Everyone trying to add had that mischievous look in their eyes. Like that scene in an action movie where two guys are fighting. The bad guy whips out his gun, but you bust a roundhouse and kick the gun out of his hand before he aims at you. Both of you watch the gun in slow motion as it falls to the ground. And there's this intimate moment right before you both run to it, that last for a millisecond, where you both make eye contact. Yup that's the look I'm talking about.

      Here's some random stuff that I've been exposed to:

      Passionate, Intelligent, and Handsome. Where can I find one of these?
      Velvet voice Adam Yamaguchi, Current's Vanguard.

      "It does not pay to be drunk and horny."

      You know, we got these t-shirts so we wouldn't loose each other at the beach.
      Sometimes I wonder why I'm still single.

      Apparently is trying to befriend me, but is doing it really creepily. I'll pass.

      I love my Milk Tea...... and Seasoned Fries