January 16, 2010

Things That MMD8

Funny... it was a lot harder for me to think of things that make my day over things that annoy me.

1. When you find money in your jean pockets
2. Buying new clothes
3. Making a mean dinner, when you and your roommates were starving.
4. Free stuff
5. Getting a good grade when you weren't expecting it.
6. When a teacher tells you you're talented.
7. When one of my girls randomly calls me to say "Hi".
8. Discounts
9. Handmade gifts for no particular reason.
10. When people bring over treats to my dorm.
11. Froyo with lots of fruit topping
12. Random conversations with (non creepy) strangers.
13. Assurance that God is real
14. Cruising with my bike under the shade of the trees.
15. When a guy gives you that look as if they were mesmerized by your beauty (lol)
16. A good steak
17. Keeping in touch with childhood friends
18. Fulfilling that craving you had
19. When people do nice things for you for no particular reason.
20. Sincere compliments
21. Meeting adorable people that just make your world a little more happier.
22. Meeting people's pets
23. Car rides with good music
24. Seeing old couples holding hands in public.
26. Laughing really hard with my bff, so hard you start to build phlegm in your throat (I know, it's sick, but it's some hardcore laughing)
27. Spontaneity
28. When I'm wearing cute undergarments and no one knows it.
29. When a song sings exactly what you're feeling.
30. When a package comes for you.
31. People that look bad, but are actually good.
32. Intellectual Gangsters
33. Good character
34. Ditching class and finding out that class was cancelled that day.
35. Capturing a good picture of yourself.
36. Thinking you don't have the potential until you try and then realizing you're actually pretty good at it.
37. Getting sleepy on time
38. Jackie Chan
39. Getting a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and feeling confident.
40. Serious people being silly
41. When males are chivalrous
42. Inspiration
43. Knowing that there is one friend who will always be there.
44. When friends open up to you about things they never shared.
45. Knowing that you have a future and working hard to make it.
46. A great class: There's a really cute boy, the teacher is hilarious, and the subject is interesting
47. When the bus comes for you right on time.
48. When the bus fare machine doesn't work, so you get in for free.
49. Being successful in avoiding annoying people.
50. Deep conversations
51. When my favorite shows come up on my hulu queue
52. Finish reading a really good book.
53. Nice weather
54. Being able to talk about artsy stuff to one person while everyone else thinks you're crazy.
55. Knowing people who watch the same shows you do, so you can talk about it.
56. A clean kitchen
57. Getting enough sleep.
58. When people tell you, you smell good.
59.When you have a really good idea for an art project and you're motivated to work.
60. When you suggest someone something they might like, and they end up loving it.
61. When my dad is having a good day.

January 15, 2010

Things That Annoy Me

1. People knocking on the bathroom door to use the toilet while you're showering.
2. People who think they have to live up to their stereotype.
3. Unwanted attention from males
4. Making eye contact with someone from across the room by accident.
5. When you work really hard on something and you get a okay grade, while the person next to you barely tries gets a good grade.
6. Too much confidence for their own good
7. The farting sound you make when sitting on pleather sofas or chairs, so you have to do it again so people won't think you farted.
8. Elitist (Even though I can be one sometimes)
9. Saying "hi" to people first, but when you stop saying it, they never initiate it.
10. Conversations when you're thinking, "Okay, get to the point!"
11. Promiscuous people
12. Loud noises when you're trying to sleep
13. Tripping over your own feet
14. People who keep eye contact too long
15. People who get really defensive; conversations aren't fun with you.
16. Annoying laughs
17. Embarrassing yourself while trying to look cool in front of the opposite sex.
18. Money
19. Good looking people with ugly personalities
20. Couples who are on & off
21. Guys liking girls that are waaaaayy to good for them
22. People who talk about themselves too much and never ask about you
23. People who stare
24. People that want to hang out with you, but don't talk much. So you try so hard to entertain them.
25. Hearing your own voice when recorded
26. When people talk about their significant other a lot and it starts to make you feel really lonely
27. Feeling like the 3rd wheel
28. Psycho Christians that make good Christians look bad.
29. When your Asian parents force you to drink nasty soup, and there's like itty bitty stuff in the end, but they force you to drink that part anyways.
30. That certain friend who always is challenging you about your opinions
31. People who think they are much cooler than they really are.
32. Strangers and friends constantly reminding you of how your body looks.
33. People who complain that they are fat when they really aren't.
34. Guys that are trying to get at every girl he knows to increase his chances to not be lonely.
35. When videos buffer
36. Online alter egos
37. People who add you on Facebook or Myspace but never talk to you in person.
38. Excited to get something and going to the store finding out they ran out.
39. People who only talk to you because they want something from you.
40. Waking up
41. Growing up and watching people change for the worst.
42. People who correct you all the time.
43. People who think they are funny, but really their jokes don't make any sense, so you politely smile or laugh.
44. Sales tax
45. Profile pictures that cover the owners face
46. Mixing words up and feeling stupid afterward
47. People who forget my name, IT'S SO EASY!
48. How I avoid eye contact, so people think I'm a bitch
49. Unnecessary cussing
50. Boring people like to talk to me
51. When someone asks me "what's new" and nothing new or exciting ever happened besides going grocery shopping.
52. How young girls try to act older
53. Close minded people
54. Feeling like crap on Valentines day
55. Listening to constant bickering
56. Liking something, then that becomes a trend so you have to find a new thing to like.
57. Attention whores
58. Feeling unappreciated by friends
59. Girls who dance and grind up all over each other thinking their hot when really they aren't.
60. Seeing a group of Asians I'm not familiar with.

January 13, 2010

Camera Phone: Food

I got me some Thai Ridged Lays :] Supreme Sausage Pizza flavor.

Scallop with Rice noodle @ New Capital

Chicken Nachos @ Hots Cantinas. Lucy, Dan, and I could NOT finish this.

January 10, 2010

Camera Phone: Winter Break

Mother sending a letter to Santa @ Macy's because she's been a good girl all year long.

Empty fridge at the dorm during break.

Ashlee's dogs had 4 puppies!

Ashlee's puppy (Copernicus) after a few weeks.

Thrifting for cool finds @ Squaresville.

Spent a lot of my time with these freaks, shopping at MJ shoes and B'CAZ Fashion.

Got a new hair cut!

I ate A LOT of fried dumplings smothered in sriracha this break.

January 09, 2010

Story That Made My Day

This morning, my mother and I were chatting and watching the tellie, and I changed the channel to a film where the Chinese were fighting against the Japanese in the Second Sino-Japanese war. (According the Wikipedia, this huge war begun when the Japanese invaded Manchuria 1937-1945. It is part of WWII) I asked my mother if the Japanese ever invaded her neighborhood. She told me that it had happened before she was born, but Grandma and Grandpa were there to experience it. The story she told me truly made my day. So let me tell you what happened from my best ability to translate from Cantonese:

Grandpa stopped being a solider to be with Grandma, and they continued to live in the same neighborhood that they grew up in. They lived somewhere in the Guang Dong province and in their neighborhood, there was a family who was wealthy enough to send his son to Japan to go to school. There he met a Japanese native and they fell in love. He offered his hand in marriage and brought her back to China. Before she left her homeland, her father knew exactly was going on and wanted his daughter to be safe. He gave his daughter a scroll with the Japanese flag. In that scroll there was writing.

The Japanese were terrorizing the citizens of China from killing girls after they were raped, throwing babies down wells, bombing cities, burning houses, anything you can imagine that will happen in war. There were thousands of people trying to hide from the Japanese, there was even young women who put on make up to make them appear as if they were old ladies in fear of getting raped and killed.

One day, the Japanese troops arrived at that little neighborhood where my grandparents lived at. Everybody feared for their lives because that day could be their last. The Japanese girl runs out of her house and faced the big bad Japanese troop. She held her scroll out proudly and then the entire Japanese troop quickly fell to their knees. The troop was not allowed to hurt a Japanese Native, so they left the neighborhood in peace.

I've seen her around when I was a child. She was this old deaf little lady who bought vegetables in the market.

When war is at foot, the most unlikely of people become heros or heroins :] FUUHHHHHH, I'm still amazed. I bet your grandparents have some pretty amazing stories, I just wish my grandparents were still around so I can ask them about their lives. Rest in Peace ah Po Po.

January 01, 2010

All Things Love

Lately I've been really into romantic, cutesy, lovey dovey, gushy type things. I believe my best friend got me into it because she's SOOO sprung in her relationship. They are always doing romantic gestures for each other. Which is why I've been watching a lot of romantic movies & a cute taiwanese drama. Which is very unlikely of me because I'm usually the one that goes, "that never happens in real life! "(The Notebook when the old couple died together), "Dumbasses! (Romeo and Juliet when they suicide)", "SO LAME" (Twilight when Edward stops the car from crashing into Bella) "Gross!!" (When my couple friends kiss each other in public). And now I'm all into it, "Awww!"and *sigh* I think my favorite romantic movies are Titanic (When Jack draws Rose, did you see how focused he was!? HOT!), Enchanted (How-Does-She-Know-That-You-Love-Her?), 500 Days of Summer (When the guy talks about the things he loves best about the girl), Disney's Up (The beginning made me bawl).

So here are a few things that will hopefully get you high... on LOVE :] ENJOY

"Four years ago, when i was 18, i noticed that at night my front window is very reflective so i was pretending to dive in slow motion and shoot, dual pistol style. Suddenly a really hot girl walked past and i was startled and fell over. Embarrassed i waited for a bit and then stood up. As i stoop up i saw her slowly shooting an imaginary rifle from behind a car. We then proceeded to do this for 10 minutes until she did an extremely dramatic death. She wasn't getting up so i went outside to meet her. Once i got to where she was, there was nothing but a piece of paper with a mobile number on it. Today, we are getting married. MLIA" (repost from Lucy's Tumbler)

(That guys dumb face annoys me)

(Repost from LeLove)
(Repost from LeLove)