August 27, 2010

So Wrong, Yet so Right

I know how incredibly wrong this is and how crazy this sounds. Especially for me, but......

 Rupert Friend is one hot Nazi.

August 22, 2010

Camera Phone

Aww! I ordered a Milk Tea and my sister in law told the waiter to add a scoop of ice cream for me.
My mom once told me that China was so poor, you would get a whole egg all to yourself on your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Ashley.
Cat with a new haircut.
Perry the platypus!! <3
BOOGA BOOGA!! This is how I would look like if I were a ghost. That's one cute ghost huh?
Now enjoy some of these hilarious animated gif's:
Straight from the hood.
Fave episode from Cake Boss
LMAO at mouth and tail.

August 21, 2010

Summer Recap

Summer will be officially over on Sunday night, because school starts early for me. Am I excited? Kinda, not really. I just hate waking up in the morning, plus I got 3 art classes, that means studio hours (3 hour classes, 2 times a week) I hope my classes are enjoyable:
Philo Problems
Graphic Design 
Printmaking 2 ( Maybe I'll be able to silk screen)
Summer Recap:

-Got some vitamin D at the beach + bond fire
    -Sold 6 pieces of used clothing at Cross Roads and got $24
    -Watched fireworks at Almansor Park for the Fourth of July
    -Made chocolate cupcakes, chocolate & strawberry cheese cakes, and chocolate chip cookies from scratch
    -Summer school
    -Experienced a car accident + Philippe's dipped sandwiches and cheesecake.
    -Middle School Reunion, Meyerhof and Gomez Honors class
    -Visiting all the geniuses at UCLA
    -Drove to the Art Walk rather than biking. Breathe my smog ya damn hipsters!
    -Assembled 2 beds, 1 dining table, and 4 chairs without the help of a guy (Girl Power!)
    -Visited City Walk & Downtown Disney
    -Cried watching Toy Story 3 and mind f*cked watching Inception
    -5 mile hike @ Eaton Canyon for a water fall, but instead we got a museum
    -Drove on the freeway alone from Northridge to LA (New Driver accomplishment)
    -Bowling with Phoenix Bakery employees
    -Attempts to run at the Corn Field
    -Surprised Ashlee with her fave people and pastries for her 20th birthday
    -Interviews but no job :[
    -If you're gooooooing to Saaaaaan Fraaaaaancisco + Yosemite.
    -Santa Monica Pier with my family, and came home with a giant bunny in a tutu.
    -Moved into my first Apt :D

    August 13, 2010

    Challenge Day 3: Racism

    I believe the only reason why there is racism is because people often don't realize that other people are also humans. They have emotions, they face challenges, they have friends & family, they are just like me and you. We can't stop stereotypes, but we can stop racism. It's your choice to be ignorant or educated.

    God I love Tyra! I know sometimes she can seem like a know it all, but her shows bring up good issues.

    On a lighter note, I really want to play this game! I know it's old, but it's sooo darn cute. Watching this makes me giggle.

    *Likes the cough in the end*

    August 08, 2010

    Challenge Day 2: Confidence

    Confidence can really be sexy, especially when one walks into the room with poise and charm. But one of my biggest pet peeves is when one has too much for their own good. For all the douches and skanks out there who look down on others and intentionally make others feel like shit, TONE IT DOWN. You guys are the most insecure people I have come across. Instead of having so many haters, be someone who people can look up to.

    Anyways, I don't usually receive advice from older people. But I came across this music video and it was just incredible. I think I'm good on advice for the next 30 years.

    August 06, 2010

    Challenge Day 1: Love

    For those of you who don't know, I'm taking a tumblr challenge. This challenge is to rant or talk about our thoughts on given topics. And the first topic is....

    Love... Love is.... Love, I'm already stuck.

    Well I can start off saying that Love is very complex. It's almost like a hard ass physics problem where you have to figure out how far a baseball will go depending on: what type of material the bat is, how fast the wind is blowing, how much power you put into the bat, and then there's that factor whether if the baseball will hit anything along the way.

    Like Love, there are so many factors such as time, situation, and people, that can help or hurt it. And don't forget that there are different kinds of Love, like the Love you have for your friends and family, for a romantic partner, for a hobby, for a song, or for humanity.

    Unlike the physics problem above, the equation for whether Love would last would be way too hard to figure out. Because people surprise us by Loving when they aren't expected to love. A great example would be how Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us. I mean, he never met you or me in the flesh, but he still gave his life away for the you and me, and the people that treated him like shit. Jesus Christ (haha), they crucified him! Then there's the Japanese Americans who enlisted in the army to protect America even if the government put them into concentration camps. Or simply secretly loving a Justin Bieber song (stfu, you know you do!)

    So I've been thinking about Love for quite a while and I've noticed that Love itself has many disguises. Love can be:
    Frustration: When your parents nag you for going out too late. They only do it because they want you to be safe and in one piece.

    Vexing: When your boyfriend does cheesy romantic gestures for you. At least he took the time to plan and make himself look like a fool.

    Stupidity: When your friends choose not to strangle you for leading them the wrong route while hiking. As long as you're doing it together, you're making great memories to talk and laugh at later on.

    Agony: When your parents work more than 12 hours a day, so that you would be able to grow up strong and healthy.

    Okay Wai, so what's your point? This may not be one of my most insightful conclusions, but my views on Love is... Don't take it for granted. Appreciate it. Spread the Love, not STD's.

    I believe Jaeson Ma can explain what Love is a lot better than I can. Even if you're not a Christian, I believe there are some very important points that he says to explain what Love is. Don't be afraid, just play it:

    Fall 10' & Spring 11' Philosophy

    The new school year is coming up and I'm going to...


    Yee yee, who's with me? 
    the 30 day ranting challenge.
        thoughts on..
        day 1 - love.
        day 2 - confidence.
        day 3 - racism
        day 4 - our generation
        day 5 - haters
        day 6 - followers
        day 7 - tumblr
        day 8 - bestfriends
        day 9 - wants and needs
        day 10 - make up
        day 11 - global warming
        day 12 - boys
        day 13 - girls
        day 14 - appearance
        day 15 - education
        day 16 - long distant relationship
        day 17 - tumblr without pictures
        day 18 - stereotypes
        day 19 - plastic surgery
        day 20 - your future
        day 21 - disrespecting your parents
        day 22 - the three main topics that are often talked about on tumblr
        day 23 - jealousy
        day 24 - guilt
        day 25 - regrets
        day 26 - the world
        day 27 - your parents
        day 28 - justin bieber
        day 29 - your ex
        day 30 - you.

    I'm taking the challenge! I probably won't do it everyday consistently, but it will be done. I promise.