May 31, 2011

Unlucky Pleco

Happy Memorial Day Everybody! 
Thank you to all the war heros that fought for my country. I hope everybody had an awesome 3 day weekend!

I'm so happy I get a day off of work. Working full time sucks! To celebrate Memorial day, my friend and I went to a park near by and fished. I finally got some rechargeable batteries and put my good camera to use. Enjoy!
Preparing the rods. The fishes at this lake love them some white bread and tortillas.
I'm a professional when it comes to catching that green stuff (Algae?)
Wooo! Beginners luck! In my first cast, I caught this little pleco by accident, it was caught in between my line. The last time I fished, I woke up at 5 in the morning and fished till noon and caught NOTHING. While we were fish-less, these 7 year olds next to us barely came and caught like 7 right away! As you can tell I had a bad experience, but catching this buddy by accident made me feel real good about fishing.
The next 3 hours blew chunks. All we caught was more green stuff and a neck tan. Shouldn't have had my hopes up.  I swear the fishes in the lake were taunting me, I kept seeing them jump out of the water. 
Eventually, we called it quits and Johnny started being immature. 
Then there was this lady who looked like her dog...
...and a grown man flying this kite. Super cute.

May 19, 2011

Girl Crush: Olivia Hussey

Just gorgeous! I love those big brown eyes and thick eye brows.

May 18, 2011

7 Deadly Sins

Stealing this from Axel! I know I won't commit to this, so I did it all right now.

day 1 - pride. seven great things about yourself.
1. I'm pretty creative
2. I'm flippin' cute. DUH.
3. I'm loyal to my loved ones
4. I'm not a girly girl
5. bottomless pit
6. I'm really good at making people think that their interesting.
7. born and raised from the barrio

day 2 - envy. seven things you lack and covet.
1. I want to be able to speak Cantonese well.
2. financial independence
3. fat
4. I really wish I can dance,
5. or sing.
6. a significant other
7. speak Mandarin

day 3 - wrath. seven things that piss you off.
1. people that always need to be right
2. rich kids who are bratty
3. atheist who think people who believe in some kind of deity are weak or stupid
4. people who are rude for no reason
5. liars
6. When it's safe to change lanes and I turn my signal on, and the fucker on the next lane that I'm trying to get in sees and speeds up so I have to swirve back into my lane.
7. ugly losers who have high standards

day 4 - sloth. seven things you neglect to do.
1. washing dishes
2. dressing cute for school
3. reading the whole article or chapter for school work
4. texting
5. waking up early
6. math
7. sleep early

day 5 - greed. seven worldly material desires.
1. loft with big industrial windows
2. 50's refrigerator
3. black quilted Chanel bag
4. a Wii
5. One of Audrey Kawasaki's paintings
6. Volkswagon Bus with Mod designed curtains so I can road trip with my friends
7. A shiny black Pontiac 1968 Firebird

day 6 - gluttony. seven guilty pleasures.
1. pastries
2. pasta
4. tacos
5. Disney Channel
6. boys who act cute with their guy friends
7. kitty cats and big dogs

day 7 - lust. seven love secrets.
1. joseph gordon-levitt
2. recently been digging asian men
3. arms!
4. watching a guy talk about or do something they're passionate about
5. when a guy knows how to cook, well. DAYUM. Way to my heart.
6. when a guy takes initiative. DAYUM!
7. I'm not the most romantic girl but secretly want to be.

May 17, 2011

Work Space

Decided I would put my art desk to good use, since I paid $50 for it. I've been using my laptop and wacom on the floor while I watch the tellie. It's such a bad habit, because I'm not focusing on my work and it's bad for my posture. So here is a picture of my "office", I try to surround myself with motivational pieces. It's a working progress! I need some inspirational quotes on this wall, and a clip on desk lamp. I better not end up working in front of the t.v. again.

In addition, I found these at the thrift store today for; you wouldn't believe it, $6.99. Best thing I've found so far. 

May 15, 2011

Summer is Near

Woo! Summer is near! I can feeeeeeeel it! Well, not really. The weather in LA county has been quite moody lately; hot, cold, hot, cold. But I just know that I'm excited for school to be over so I:
don't have to stress
can party without the guilt
can have some quiet reading time to myself
can do nothing :] (dolce far niente)

This upcoming week is finals, and I'm done with my Ballet and Illustration. I just need to worry about:

Indian Art History
  • Answer 2 questions in essay format aprox: 4 pages < GROSS
  • Visit the Norton Simon and write 2 pages about my experience
World Art History
  • Research Paper 4 pages
And my favorite class...
Printmaking class
  • Turn in my edition of 17 for a print exchange. Our theme is duality and has to be within the size of 6x4".
  • Look cute for necktie day, but I'm wearing a bowtie because I'm rebellious like that.
  • Then have a Margarita with my professor (I can't wait for the sweet taste of salt on the rim)
Edition of 17 for printmaking exchange, and ready to GO!
Illustration Merchandise project DONE. I hate it, but my teacher loves it. So it's ALLLLL good.
My roommate and I had Ballet,  and we are OVER it. God she's cute. 

May 09, 2011

Things That Annoy Me 2

It's been a year and 5 months, and I have accumulated more things that annoy me, and would probably annoy you to. You ready? LET'S GO! Read the first "Things That Annoy Me"!

1. That friend who ALWAYS talks about themselves and even has the nerve to talk over you.
2. Talking about school outside of school.
3. Waking up early.
4. When art teachers praise shitty ass jobs that was obvious of copping out. 
5. When you're trying to have a good time but they poop the party by being negative.
6. Refilling my gas tank when I need to be somewhere quick.
7. When people hate on Justin Bieber to try to make conversation. Have you been living in a box? EVERYONE KNOWS HE'S,"GAY, SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL, HAS NOT HIT PUBERTY". Think of something original.
8. When Disney celebs go bad. I really hope Selena Gomez stays good! 
9. When I have to be the good sport. 
10. Guys that hit on anything that moves.
11. Trying to make a conversation with someone new, but they aren't really into it or they are just awkward as hell.
12. When people take love for granted. 
13. Ugly people who always mention or talk about how hot, pretty, or cute they are and you know they aren't joking. News flash, I know you're insecure about your looks by claiming your fine as hell but being big headed makes you look 10x more uglier. 
14. Cute couples, STAY AWAY! Only because I'm bitter :[
15. Slow people on the fast lane.
16. "..."
17. Sleep paralysis
18. Facebook im's that go nowhere. 
19. Texting me a long ass paragraph. Just call me!
20. People who compliment, but don't mean it. 
21. Awkward hellos.
23. When my dad calls me to ask how was my day, but he can never hear me. So I have to repeat it louder and louder. And people think I'm a brat to my parents.
24. When everything goes wrong.
25. Cat calls from ugly old men.
27. Fake drunks
28. Indecisive people. JUST CHOOSE SOMETHING!
29. People who are scared to try new foods or are picky as hell and they can't think of anything to eat.
30. How I have to log onto Facebook every 10 mins.
31. Drivers that drive TOO close to you, and you're going the speed that is relative to everyone else.
32. Bad service in restaurants. 
33. Spam, not the ham though!
34. Those days where you can't draw for crap.
35. Art History
36. Beginning an essay
37. Sun in my eyes, and I squint and people think I'm dogging them.
38. Washing dishes, especially when I make curry, and it hardens onto the pot.
39. Assholes who treat other people differently based on social status. I recall we aren't in high school anymore!
40. When no one can't hear me when I talk :[
41. People who STILL wear Ed Hardy stuff or overly designed clothes.
42. Putting my laundry away.
43. A dirty apartment.
44. When my clothes shrink.
45. Being criticized for the way I look when I never asked for it.
46. People who think boy and girls can't be "friends".