September 22, 2011

Summer Recap 2

I have to admit, this Summer was AMAZING! This Summer has been so eventful because I got to experience new things, even if they weren't so exciting. I'm glad I came out of my shell, because I wouldn't have met so many cool people.

- Camped at Kern river and hung out with the boys. Slept on a nice air bed near a soothing stream thanks to Hosun.

- Road trip to San Diego, went to Pride parade, and got a really bad t-shirt tan.
- Did A LOT of drinking.

- Clubbed for the first time as 21 years old, it's so much more better than clubbing under age.
- Fished and caught stuff

- Fed and pet my new favorite animal, the Alpaca.
- Met a really swell guy.

- Worked for rent and my Macbook, but it kept me occupied. It made me look forward to my weekends.
- Hookah'd a lot.
- Was blessed by some strong kids at No Worries Now Prom.
- Mellie comes back from Leeds <3
- Couldn't walk for 3 days because I ran, walked, and climbed the hard part of Runyon Canyon.
- Went to Universal Studios
- Thrift shopping
- Competitive Beer Pong with friends
- Saw Dumbfoundead live at a lame Korean BBQ festival, but he was really good!
- Help my brother paint his new home.

- I fucking love the Habit!!!!!
- Watched the fireworks, Drake Bell perform, and the power rangers with my girl Ashlee at the Rose bowl.
- Obsessed with the show Misfits

- Ate Jamie Oliver's burger from Patra's for the Food Revolution and was disappointed.
- First Jury Duty, SO BORING!
- First time at the Golf range. I have a new found appreciation for golfers now.
- World Ended. I'm still here. 

September 16, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

Today was a great day because I have cool friends.

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