October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Haunted Apartment. Enter if you dare. *thunder and lightning*
Getting ready for a night of HELL.
Some of the girls: Left to Right: Princess Peach, Grapes, Mario, Minnie Mouse, Home Depot Employee, and Luigi.
Oh the horror!! CLOSE YOUR EYES! That's right, a geisha, ready to please you. Better take a few shots to ease the eyesore.
Played a deadly game of Kings Cup. We were asphyxiated from laughter because one of the rules was that we had to speak in a Southern Accent. Such an  EVIL rule.
Then the victims were force fed with..... this is repulsive.... Jello Shots. You know what's that's made of!?  From the inside of animals' skin and bones. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?
And you know what else we fed them!? Think of 2 Girls one Cup. That's right. We fed them Penguins Frozen Yogurt.
*Jaws theme song* LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!! SOMEONE'S GOING TO... give you a shot.
A sex scene is NECESSARY for a scary movie.
Do the wrong thing and you can end up like these corpses....

...and these. Look at that guy in green laughing at their fate. PURE EVIL.

I wish you a terrifying Halloween. Muahaha!

 Now scram.
(Thanks for the pictures Charlene)

October 21, 2010

Camera Phone: Pets & Art

I miss Gigi so much! I just gave her back to my brother. I miss calling out her name in different octaves.
But I'm kinda glad she's gone, because she was a beeyatch and a big trouble maker!
Close Up: Devil Cat
My nephew Porky: Isn't he just totally adorable!?!
Contemporary Sofa sticker
Guess what I'm going to be for Halloween? 
Very cool stencil at the bamboo forest at my school. I like the text more than Bob Dylan.