January 28, 2011

Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Today, I went to Blicks and bought me a Self-Healing Cutting Mat.... Doesn't that sound creepy to you? This is what I think of my SELF-HEALING cutting mat:

January 26, 2011


Look what I got for my birthday? Yep, a Wacom tablet. I'm SO going to play.

January 19, 2011

AIR MAIL from the UK

Super excited! This is my Christmas gift from Mellie from Leeds. It totally made Ashley's and my day. The package arrived at Ashley's house today and she came to my house after her paramedic class. I don't know why our package came this late and why it was partially opened and beaten up. But here are my theories why it would be:

  • The Scrooge thought sending gifts from the UK to the States was humbug. So he kept it and then the 3 Christmas Ghost gave him a piece of their mind. 
  • Some German Shepard sniffed the package and started barking at it. The postal service thought maybe there was crack cocaine in it. Turns out it was a chocolate penguin and the dog ate some and died.
  • The Postal Service in the UK thought it was a football.
  • The Postal Service in the US thought it was a soccer ball.
  • The Package fell off the airplane and was stranded in the Atlantic Ocean. Then it was washed ashore at Ellis Island.

Well whatever happened, I'm so very happy that it's here. Ashley and I opened our gifts in her car and both got a lunch box and cute food containers. Plus I got a vintage satin handkerchief and Ashley got a chocolate penguin full of yummy Nestle Smarties that was smashed (Because of the German Shepard, R.I.P.). But we ate it, and was jolly as can be. Thanks Mellie, we love you and we can't wait for you to come back.

I love handmade Christmas cards.
All I need is a baby thermal and a utensil set and I'll be the coolest kid at my school.

January 18, 2011

Mama's Advice

My mother is one helluva character. Especially when she has wise advice to pass on to her offspring. Today she gave me two kinds of advice. Let me tell you: [All conversation with my mom is in Cantonese]

Lucky Black Stone Charm
Mom: Lubee, wake up. I want you to take me somewhere.
Me: For what?

Mom: I was listening to the radio today, and the man said that The Black stone charm repels off evil and bad luck. And you know your father's health, the man said it's perfect for people like your dad. 
Me: Oh.. okay. *She gives me the address to the place that sells these black stone charms and I take her to Rosemead*

We walk in to this random Buddhist store in the middle of nowhere on Rosemead Blvd./Valley. There was a room full of happy cackling old Chinese folk from their 40's-50's and aluminum trays full of food; fried rice and fruit. Turns out they were having a grand opening party. My mom walks up to one of the ladies behind the counter.

Mom: I heard on the radio that you were selling the Black Stone Charm.
Lady: Yes, we have some. But they are going out fast. *She grabs one of the charms from behind and hands it to my mom*
Mom: How much are they? 
Lady: $10 each.

That's it?! I was expecting a piece of gleaming obsidian or a glittery rock with carved marks on it. But this was just a piece of black thing shaped as a gourd. I wasn't even sure if it's a real stone, probably glass. I looked around and everyone was wearing the charms as a necklace. In utter disappointment:
Me: Mom you don't have to get me one, just get one for you and dad. I don't need it.

Lady: Well young people don't like to wear it. But it's great to put it on your rear view mirror in your car. 

Then some old lady comes and gives my mother and me some sticky black bean dessert. 
Mom: I'll take 3.

This isn't the first time she bought an object that was suppose to bring good luck or ward off evil. Last time she went to Beijing and came back with this. 

The dragon I'll believe, but the Mao Zedong Gold Medallion is the most ridiculous of all. We actually have two of these, the other one is smaller, heavier, and his actually gold plated. Do you really think Mao, a communist leader, will actually repel evil? Especially when he didn't allow religion during his reign. 

Where to Meet Boys 
[Illustrated for your entertainment.] 

Mom: Hey Lubee, turn down the volume. I want to talk to you.

Me: *turns down stereomood* yeah?

Mom: I've noticed you've been home a lot lately. You should be out meeting new people. You know the ah Po (old lady) who lives next door tells me that there's a lot of young people your age at her Chinese church. The youth group has a lot of fun and go on trips together. And maybe you can meet a nice boy there who is preferably rich or a medical student.

At this point, I'm doing whatever to drown out my mom's voice. But she still continues to talk as if I was studiously taking notes.
Mom: I know dad doesn't like the idea of you dating before you graduate from college or even coming home late. He's very old fashioned. I give you permission to date, but I won't tell him anything. Remember Jane Doe? Her daughter would mingle and come home late. And her father would yell at her and call her a hussy and such. Turns out, she was meeting a boy who is a doctor. Now they are married. So don't be a good girl.

Me: *Howling in laughter* What?! What did you just say? Don't be a good girl?

Mom: I mean the girl who stays home all the time and does laundry and washes dishes. I'm not telling you to go out drinking and sleep with guys. I'm just telling you to go out more and meet more Asian boys. No other ethnicities, I don't want mixed grand children.

Me: What makes you think I don't have any Asian guy friends?!

Mom: They are all short little things, which is why you should stop wearing heels. You scare off all the Asian boys away. (I am 5ft7in, almost 5ft8in. Which is Godzilla for a Chinese girl)

I'm crying from laughter and from embarrassment because it's all true. FML.
Mom: You better start looking now, or they will all be snatched up. You listen to me from now on okay? I'll personally take you to Church next Sunday and then we'll throw away all your heels.

Conclusion: She means well.

January 15, 2011

Teeny Bopper

If I was one of those girls who posted pictures of celebs all over their room walls and 3 ring binders, these would be the people on it at this very moment. So much talent in this collage, it hurts.

January 14, 2011

Breakfast for Lunch

Good God! This song is so sexy! Sexy little bow ties and suspenders <3

Today I got to hang out with my buddies AshLee and Axel Rose. We were pouring out our souls to the Biebz, T-Swizzle, Nsync, and Spice Girls while driving on the 101. Plus we got some breakfast at the Griddle Cafe on Sunset Hollywood. It's pretty popular on Yelp, so we decided to give it a try.

First came the drinks:
Ash & Axel got the OJ in these snooty cups.
I got a best fucking Hot Chocolate I ever had.
Then the food:
Ash got the famous Red Velvet panCAKE. She just couldn't wait for me to take a picture.
It actually tasted like the cake.
I got the Strawberries and Cream waffle with brown sugar sour cream.
The waffle was very dense.
Axel got the Omelette Pomodora. That was a damn good omelette I must admit.
Garlic, basil, Parmesan , tomato, and grilled chicken. With a side of potatoes and garlic bread.
The food was pretty good. A little too sweet for my liking, but I think I'd stick to iHOP. Only because it's a lot cheaper. Even if Ashlee paid for my tab for an early birthday meal. Yes... my birthday meal, my 21st birthday. January 20, this Thursday. Bahahahahahah.

January 13, 2011

Your Favorite Asian

Oh you didn't know? On the weekends I get totally Asian. Pho & Cues Japanese Photobooth on a Saturday. Then it's back to the meat loaf & Jersey Shore on the Monday.
Check it out!

January 10, 2011

Happy News

Remember Quincy from last post? Well I've got some exciting news to tell you! This morning Quincy woke me up around 8 in the morning. I took the towel off his temporary home and brought him outside to the balcony so he can sing and chirp at the the budgies near by. I felt so bad for him, he looked so lonely. When my brother got home, he asked my neighbor/brother's childhood friend if we can have their old cage. Then we went out to the pet shop and got him a cuttle bone fish and a WIFE. She's white as snow, plump, and beautiful, I named her Pearl. Once my brother put Pearl in the cage with Quincy, they started chirping at each other. Quincy even had the nerve to peck her head. But now they are inseparable. Quincy is putting the moves on her by puffing his chest, flexing his wings, cleaning her, and singing to her. Let's hope he gets some.

When they first met, it was a little awkward. Quincy: "So... you like.. stuff?"
Lovely home isn't it? It has 2 perches and a swing. Just like the temporary home (bachelors pad).

January 09, 2011


"Lubee, look what I have. Wake up. Look!", This morning I woke up to my mom holding a plastic jar with a little nervous Zebra Finch in it. She said she found it caught in between a window.
Side Story: When I was in elementary, my mom found a little baby turtle just walking around at one of the shopping plazas at Chinatown. She put it in her grocery bag and brought it back home. I took care of it and named it Squirtle, along with two older turtles named Blastoise and Warturtle.
We were about to set it free when my sister lied that she wanted it, but it's really for my dad since he loves birds and it is an activity to exercise his brain because he's getting pretty senile.

Cute right? I think I'll name it Quincy.
I did my research on how to keep a Zebra Finch happy, so hopefully my mom allows us to keep it. Since my sister didn't have time to buy a cage, I went out to the 99 cent store to make a temporary one:

Cage Contains:
  • Trash bin
  • 2 different size chopsticks (Quincy can jump around and flex his little dirty birdy feet muscles.)
  • 2 Porcelain flower pot reservoirs for bird feed & water
  • 1 Cellphone charm with string (For play)
  • Fashion bangle (As a swing)
  • Plastic food platter to cover the bottom
I only spent $2 dollars for the trash bin and bird feed. Everything else was found at home. Yeah, I know; it's pretty ghetto but it works! It's only until we find one of those antique Chinese bird cage. Plus I think we just might get Quincy a friend. But that's only if we get to keep him... or her.

January 07, 2011

Optimism is TOUGH

"You don't learn to fly, if you're not prepared to crash."
-Joe Brooks

Oh I've been crashing alright. I feel like opportunities are given to me and then immediately taken away. What sucks is that I don't even get a chance to prove myself or even get my feet wet. These false hopes are killing me. It's the same exact feeling when you haven't pocketed any of your balls in billiards in a long time. And once you do, you get super excited, but then the cue ball follows along with it. In result, loosing your turn. Yeah that feeling, fucked up right? Lets hope 2011 will allow me to keep these opportunities or even lead me to better ones. I can sure go for some chocolate chip pancakes with fresh banana slices and a dollop of whip cream right now.

However, this video makes me quite happy. Help Pogo travel around the world so he can make the ultimate world remix. Tell everybody you know!

Like what you see? Help Pogo out! World Remix

January 04, 2011

The Thrift Gods are Smiling Upon Me

I had a dream the other day where I was looking through a girl's abandoned storage place. This girl was an artist and some how I found out her name was Erica Lim. I found some of her drawings, clothes, troll dolls, and purses. I don't know what my dream suppose to mean, but it put me in a real good mood to go thrift shopping. I don't normally buy anything from secondhand stores, just because I can never find anything that fits me right and the prices are way too high. I'm not going to fork over $40-$60 bucks over a used blouse or dress; today was different. I went to one in the valley and finally had some luck. Let me show you my treasures.

Strawberry Kiwi Made You Looks Seymour Sunglasses$2.99
Carpet Bags of America Beige Faux Crocodile Purse $2.99
In my dream I actually wanted to buy purses, and here it is! 
A purse in reality. Sweet.
Merlot Laced Full Length Dress Circa 70/80's $4.99
This dress fits like a dream and has a Victorian collar; s
elegant! I'm going to modernize it and shorten it to above my
knees. I'm surprised this dress doesn't have that funky thrift
smell, it actually smells really good. I hope this dress doesn't fly 
around at night. Creepy.
TOTAL: $10.97
+25% morning discount
I'm not going to lie, I like those numbers.

Speaking of vintage, I got this 50's house wife Christmas
card from the best roommate ever!

I just had to share. Doesn't that look good? The Habit charbroiled
burger. I'm not normally a burger girl! So that's a big compliment!
Go get some!

January 03, 2011

Hey Foodie

Lunch box absolutely adores food! I don't understand how people can be so picky and not try new things just because they aren't use to it. They lost their marbles to give up on a chance of a lifetime; to experience a culture, a different country, and an amazing taste bud adventure, ALL IN YOUR MOUTH. If something looks kind of funny or sounds bizzare; just try it. The only thing you've got to lose is your appetite. Personal rule of Andrew Zimmerman, try something twice.

awesome guy! 
I'm not telling you to eat rats or maggots (I actually had some BBQ ones).  But try something you normally wouldn't. And if you don't like it, politely push it aside. Or quietly spit it into a napkin. We don't want to see that ugly face of yours; emphasizing how disgusting someone else's creation and culture are. I've seen it so many times, and I have to say, it's very disrespectful and insulting. So go and have an adventure!