August 06, 2010

Challenge Day 1: Love

For those of you who don't know, I'm taking a tumblr challenge. This challenge is to rant or talk about our thoughts on given topics. And the first topic is....

Love... Love is.... Love, I'm already stuck.

Well I can start off saying that Love is very complex. It's almost like a hard ass physics problem where you have to figure out how far a baseball will go depending on: what type of material the bat is, how fast the wind is blowing, how much power you put into the bat, and then there's that factor whether if the baseball will hit anything along the way.

Like Love, there are so many factors such as time, situation, and people, that can help or hurt it. And don't forget that there are different kinds of Love, like the Love you have for your friends and family, for a romantic partner, for a hobby, for a song, or for humanity.

Unlike the physics problem above, the equation for whether Love would last would be way too hard to figure out. Because people surprise us by Loving when they aren't expected to love. A great example would be how Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us. I mean, he never met you or me in the flesh, but he still gave his life away for the you and me, and the people that treated him like shit. Jesus Christ (haha), they crucified him! Then there's the Japanese Americans who enlisted in the army to protect America even if the government put them into concentration camps. Or simply secretly loving a Justin Bieber song (stfu, you know you do!)

So I've been thinking about Love for quite a while and I've noticed that Love itself has many disguises. Love can be:
Frustration: When your parents nag you for going out too late. They only do it because they want you to be safe and in one piece.

Vexing: When your boyfriend does cheesy romantic gestures for you. At least he took the time to plan and make himself look like a fool.

Stupidity: When your friends choose not to strangle you for leading them the wrong route while hiking. As long as you're doing it together, you're making great memories to talk and laugh at later on.

Agony: When your parents work more than 12 hours a day, so that you would be able to grow up strong and healthy.

Okay Wai, so what's your point? This may not be one of my most insightful conclusions, but my views on Love is... Don't take it for granted. Appreciate it. Spread the Love, not STD's.

I believe Jaeson Ma can explain what Love is a lot better than I can. Even if you're not a Christian, I believe there are some very important points that he says to explain what Love is. Don't be afraid, just play it:

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