September 18, 2010

I'm Wild

So... my friends have been mentioning that I haven't blogged in a long time. And yes, I haven't because I feel like I don't have any material to write about....But Ashlee has inspired me, because she reminded me of back in the day when people use to use Xanga and record what they did for every period. SNORE. So here it goes: Guess who's CD I just got in the mail? Let me give you a hint...

 He's an LA native, Korea Town.

He raps, really really good.

... and he's one sexy sexy Asian man.

Still don't know? 
Watch this.

Yupppp... Are your ear drums happy now? Do you like the sticker that came with it?

So I've been staying at my apt alone on the weekends. While all my room mates visit LA, I'm walking around in my underwear here. It's nice. Why am I alone you may ask? Because I have to cat sit this brat while my brother's on honeymoon.
Crazy cat lady in the making.

So what did I do today... alone? I had Special K cereal with almond milk, went to print my etching at the print lab, biked back to the apt, ate a banana, chatted online, bathe the brat, took the trash out, took a shower, did a facial, made dinner (pasta and chicken), and ate it while watching FRED the Movie on Nick. Yeah, I know. I'm pretty wild.

Sweet! Just in; Will is picking me up to do something random at 10pm. Guess I'm not a loner no more.

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