September 17, 2009

History Never Been So Fun

Bast in the coolness. I just thought this portrait of some Chinese Emperor looked awesome.

Speaking of Chinese, I just finished reading a great book last night. It's about 2 Shanghai-nese sisters who had to marry paper sons so that they would be able to pay off their father's debt during the roaring 20's and conservative 50's. Man, did those sisters go through some messed up shiz. If you're really into History, Asian American experiences, Chinatown, Los Angeles, suffering, a good story, or even an easy read pick up Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I'm not the type of person who normally reads (besides cosmos and instant messages), and having me not putting this book down is RARE. That's how good it is.

As a Chinese American, the things they went through were very familiar to me. It made me think a lot, and saw my own culture in a new light. Also, Chinatown is like home to me, so I know exactly what they were talking about. Pick it up I implore you, pick it up!

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