September 25, 2009

Cheap Makeup

For those of you who don't know me well, I always had this love-hate relationship with makeup. I'm a "late bloomer" so I really don't use much, but sometimes I'd feel like I look like crap with makeup. Other times, I feel like it's the only thing that makes me look complete. Well, as of right now I'm in the "makeup :]" phase. And when this happens, mannnn... I start buying crap. Since I'm back at school, I'm trying to find good deals. So let me tell you what I bought:

By Apple Super Lash Mascara
So I went to Lincoln Heights trying to find a birthday gift for my sister's fiance'. Then I came into this little store where they sell cosmetics stuff. As I was walking through the isles of hair clips, nail polish, and wax strips, I found one of these By Apple mascara. I heard so much about them on soompi. It's from Mexico and people claim that this is the "mascara they've always been looking for". They are only $2.00, so it didn't hurt to try one. So I bought one.....

Honestly, they work pretty good. My lashes were lengthen, thickened, and they feel really soft. The only bad thing about it is that it comes in an ugly bottle and it's a bit clumpy. But overall, it works well. It's been a couple of hours and my lashes hadn't fall limp yet. I think I might buy it again.

E.L.F Mineral Starter Kit

So I heard about this brand from magazines and my best friend. My best friend's friend raves that the brushes work really well and are dirt cheap. Being in the "make up :]" phase, I went to browse for some brushes because I got tired of using the tiny urban decay brush that came with the eye shadow pack. So I went to look around, and each brush was only $1.00! Then I came across the mineral makeup. There's been a lot of hype with mineral makeup, especially with bare minerals. So I decided to try this instead. Normally the kit cost $20.00 but there is a 75% promo code for the mineral makeup. Hey only $5! If the kit eats dirt, then I can risk loosing practically nothing. It was so cheap, that I bought 2 brushes, a tweezer, and lip stick. I can't wait till my order comes!!

My "make up :]" craving is almost satisfied.

Slowly waiting for my Payless black and white oxfords to reach to the store...

Oh yeah, for those of you who were curious on what I bought for my sister's fiance's birthday

Bought it from a cute old Mexican grandma that didn't speak English. That Spongebob pinata must be legit... Someone is going to be pissed to see what his present is :D

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