February 18, 2010

Camera Phone: Chinese New Years/ Valentines Day


For those of you who did not know, Chinese New Year fell right on Valentines day this year. Because of that, this is has been the best Valentines day so far. I didn't even notice it was singles awareness day, so it's all good. My family and I went out for steak dinners at Garden Cafe in Alhambra, and it's been a LONG time since my dad got out of bed and dined with us. So it was really nice to see him happy and his appetite. So here are a few pictures from my camera phone this week. Enjoy!

Look at my pink gear! Pink heart measuring cups, Pink ice cream cone timer, strawberry cake mix, silicone heart shaped muffin pan, my married to the mob shirt, and my target cupcake pants. I swear it wasn't on purpose! Anyways there's my bff and we're making heart cakes for her boyfriend. I'm such a good friend to help :D

I have this waiting for me at the dorm. Jk, she's my lovely room mate, she's great! There's my pink loofa hah.

Friggan adorable print that was donated to the Drive-By Press displayed at my school today. It's printed on felt, so cool!

Found the year of the Tiger cake at 99 Ranch in Van Nuys. So cute, I love the little scroll.

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