February 03, 2010

So Far A Good Birthday

Even though it's February now, I would like to thank everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I always dread my birthday because nothing ever goes well, but this year was by far the best. I feel so blessed that I have great friends. Thanks, and thanks again. You guys MADE MY DAY! This year I planned afternoon tea with my girls only. Which is something I always wanted to do since I was a kid. Here are some cute pictures taken by Jenny & Ashley.

Mmm! I ordered the Birthday tea. Delicious.

My teapot has a cute little kitty. I love cats!

Me creeping up behind the fresh warm scones, jam, and whipped cream topped with fresh strawberries.

Chocolate and lemon cake drizzled with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.

Why am I so creepy!? A tier of food, the sandwiches were yummy!

Yeah, it's a total girl thing. Guys, you won't understand.

P.S. I got a birthday cheese cake, thanks Ashley :]
We didn't have candles, so we improvised with a tea light candle from IKEA!

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