March 10, 2010

Inspiration # 3

I needed inspiration for my daily drawings, so I Googled search "cute", "cute animals", "funny cute", and "sloths". All these pictures literally made me LOL. I hope they make you as happy as they made me.
Sloths are my FAVORITE animals of all time! I believe my personality fits the sloth very well, especially when I just wake up. Sloths are SOOOO ugly that it's cute! I especially like their mangled looking bodies.

For one of the results for "sloth" was this picture. Tell me that's not funny! Which reminds me, I should watch the Goonies for the billionth time!

Aww BeSt FrIeNdZ 4EVER!!!!1

MmMmMm, dog! That kind of reinforces the Asian stereotype huh? Okay scratch that.

I really want a wiener dog, italian grey hound, jack russell terrier, or a welsh terrier. SO ADORABLE!!! But I would also love to have a sloth.

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