March 15, 2011

Angry Asian Woman

Warning: Angry Asian woman about to rant about school. This post was not meant to MYD8, unless your one of those people who like laughing at other people's misery. If that is you. Please, continue reading. Enjoy.

Dear School, 

You suuure do like to fuck around with me. But enough is enough and I am SICK and TIRED of all the things that you've been putting me through. How come things never go the way I want them to? I give, give, and give, but you're too damn selfish to let me have ONE THING. Remember the time when I was silkscreening for the first time in this semester? I was so excited to get me a professional 300 thread count frame. I was about to print when NOOOO! YOUR SELFISH WAYS GOT IN THE WAY. I printed and the ink would dry onto the screen even if I added retarder and more retarder. Then someone suggested that I autohaze and that ripped my new $27 screen. FUCK YOU!!

Oh, and yesterday! We had a print critique, and the night before I set my alarm so I can wake up early so I can print my etching plate. My alarm didn't go off because I THOUGHT I set my alarm to PM instead of AM. I had to call my friend and classmate to ink my plate in secret. So when I rushed to school, I would be able to print it and go straight to my critique. So I biked like a maniac to school with bed hair and pajamas. I got to class, printed my etching like a badass and then!? YOU decided to pull a fast one on me and changed the critique to next class. FUCK YOU BITCH!!

School, you're messing up my game! This is why I am NOT, NOT talking up a storm with some cuties. I finally get to conversate with this TALL guy who I've seen around. BUT it gets totally awkward because I couldn't think of anything to say. While I have bed hair and in pajamas. See, you've taken away my charisma, and all we talk about is YOU!! FUCKING BORING.

You know what else you did? I was 45 mins late to work, because my dumb fuck didn't realize that my time was in PM instead of AM because my outdated ass phone does not change it's time for day light savings! Right when I was about to dash out my apartment and bike like a maniac, I checked if I had my ballet vocab to study off of. It was not with me so I had to look all over my place, under my pile of clothes, under the pile of papers, and under my bed. Turns out my roommate took it to her room when I was sleeping. After work, I was going to pick up my check at your financial office. But I decided to save that for later so it can make up for my shitty ass day. I had my ballet midterms, I think I did well. And I biked to the art department to pick up my prints for the critique, and biked to pick up my first paycheck in 2 long years. I was SOOO giddy for my check, I even walked in public in my ballet attire because I wanted to see those three digit numbers. As my excitement built up for the pay I worked for four weeks, I was imagining all the things I can buy. But BAM, you slapped me right across the face and the financial office was closed. The sign said Mon-Fri 8-4pm; It was 4:01pm. 

Oh, and this, this is my favorite fucked up thing you did to me, SO FAR. As you can tell by reading this post, it's midterms or close to midterms week. My Sony Viao decided to suicide on me. All my illustration work (which is due tomorrow), all my documents, all my photos from high school, music, and creative programs are all gone. My whole life was in there. Now I'm using a hand me down Dell laptop with a broken monitor with Adobe Photoshop 7 and no Microsoft office. FUCK YOU SCHOOL. FUCK YOU AND YOUR SELFISH WAYS. 

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