March 29, 2011

You're Invited!

I just sent out my prints with an edition of 13, so exciting! I'm doing the annual print exchange with the Iowa Print Society again. Last year I did a Ron Jeremy for the "X" theme. This year's theme is the Apocalypse, and I created a text only party invitation because my graphic design side of me wants to play since I don't have any design classes right now.

Hot off the press! Etching on BFK 4x6.
So my muse for this project was this post secret I found a year ago. That is how I would like to spend my last couple of hours.
Post Secrets
Ouch! Printmaking is dangerous!
When I'm in Printmaking class, I'm exposed to all these acids. While working on silkscreen, I got a chemical burn from Autohazing, it contains the chemical Potassium Hydroxide, short for LYE. I pretty much went through what the guy in the video went through.... for like 3 seconds. God I'm tough!

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