April 05, 2011

Eye Candy

I never realized how good looking Bruce Lee was. I use to watch his movies when I was a kid, and always remembered that face he made when he screamed "wooooooh", like a cat in heat; not so attractive.  But that boy is fioonnnneeeee!! Besides his amazingly good looks, physique, and skill in fighting, he is such an inspirational individual. We are truly blessed to have had his presence in our world. He was the first Asian man to play a heroic character- pushing the boundaries of American media. Asians in the media were portrayed as sneaky, evil, cowardly, and even stupid at the time. Bruce Lee had to go through so much prejudice for exposure. And if you look him up, he was quite the philosopher.
Adorable! Fob sign!
DAYUMMMM!!! Look at that handsome face! 

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