April 07, 2011

The Lonely Thrifter

It's SPRING BREAK! And I'm spending it by working at school :[ The school is deserted and my roommates are back at home. But it's okay. I like my alone time.

So here are some Exciting-Mundane Events that has happened to me during the break:

  • I thought I had mice in my kitchen because I kept hearing squeaking. I spent 20 mins digging through my cupboards and at the same time I was so scared one might get freaked out and jump on me. Turns out, it was my oven timer squeaking. 
  • My friend and I felt like being spontaneous. So we went to the recreational park at midnight to play with the swings, slides, and the monkey bars. Out of nowhere, the cops rolled in and flashed the light at us. My friend was freaked out and told me to hurry up and get in the car or else we might get a ticket. But the cops drove to the back and had a little talk with the guy playing basketball.
  • I was watching Young Victoria on Netflix, and then my new laptop that I have had for a month starts making this scary static noise under my keyboard. I looked it up on forums and people said that after that noise their hard drive failed. I freaked out so I went to the Genius bar at the Apple store. Turns out, there was just a piece of plastic caught in the cooling fan.
All of that scare deserves a great big:

During the break, I was able to do some shopping. Because I'm such a girl, I will show you some of the things I bought. I'm so proud of my thriftiness. 

Bamboo Bag- $3.99 THRIFTED!
NEW Western Floral Button Up- $1.99 THRIFTED!
Heart Shades- $7.99 H&M
Natural Soul Summer Polka Dot Sandals- $29.99 Marshalls
Vintage Minnie Mouse Mug on Clearance- $3.99 Disney Store
Yum! Cornflakes, fresh Strawberries, milk and powder sugar.
 The colors looked so pretty in person.
At the bottom of the cup. So clever!

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