July 03, 2011

The Nakayama's Orchard

My artsy friends and I went to visit our friend Shihori at her parent's Orange Orchard. I was born and raised in the urban city, and visiting the farm was a nice change to what I'm use to. It's a completely different life style, but I enjoyed staying there. The best part of the trip was the food. The Nakayama's have a garden in their backyard, so everything we ate was fresh. I liked it so much that I am now inspired to cook more often with fresh vegetables. I am much more appreciative of fresh foods and know that I should take complete advantage of it since I live in California; where vegetables are easily accessible compared to cold places. Here are some pictures that were taken by Jenny, Shihori, and me, Enjoy!

I've been driving for more than an hour from LA to Filmore. We went from metropolitan to suburbia to the boonies. I cut through mountains and went up and down on weaving paths. We would have past the property if it wasn't for this big fluorescent arrow.
We drove in and found acres of baby orange trees!

We drive slowly into the orchard, and finally reach their house. We're greeted by Emma, their hyper cocker spaniel and Mrs. Nakayama who had just been gardening in the back yard.
Once we settled in, all of us girls pitched our tent. Girl POWER!
Sweating in 90 degree humid weather, we cooled down to Mrs. Nakayama's light lunch!
After lunch, we headed straight to Ventura Beach to escape the Valley heat. 

Sponge Bob and Patrick stuck at shell city!

The beach was nice, but the Nakayama's backyard was even better!
Math Club
Shihori & Emma
Picking strawberries and plums in the garden.

While we got a grand tour of the Orchard and the backyard, Mrs. Nakayama prepares us a great Summer dinner. All the vegetables were hand picked straight from the garden and into our meals: Tempura Eggplant, Chili, Bell Pepper, & String Beans. Zucchini topped with Cheddar and Grape Tomatoes, Garden Salad, Japanese Seaweed Rice Ball, Garlic and Basil Crostini's, Sausages, and Cucumbers marinated in Sesame oil and Basil. 
After dinner, Mr Nakayama lit the dry wood with a blow torch. We made smores with Meji chocolate and Ritz crackers.
See Shihori here? She has the skill to make the perfect smore.
After the bond fire, we drove into town and bought some TNT fireworks. Here are Melanie and Jenny ripping into the family pack!
Not the cool loud flying ones, but these will do.
After a long day filled of fun and great food, we camped out at the front yard, told lame scary stories and freaked every time we heard noises, even if they were just jack rabbits. The next morning,  I woke up to sweet Emma's slobbery kisses and had toast with homemade strawberry jam. We exchanged pictures and played Slap Jack.  
After so much fun, we had to part ways. We left with fresh souvenirs and drove off into the sun.
I hope everybody has an awesome 4th of July!

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