December 08, 2011


Sorry ladies and gents for not blogging for such a long time. School has had me in a choke hold since the semester started. I'm learning so much about Graphic design and have so much more to learn; Pantone colors, grids, and kerning, Helvetica, printing. Like always, I will continue my quality posts once winter break begins. I'm entering finals, and I've been feeling the stress like 3 weeks in advance. But before I go, I want to wish everyone the best of luck during finals and that all those all nighters and forgetting to eat will be well worth it!!

Here are some projects I've been working for finals:
Illustration for Tea. Would you buy it?
Illustration for bizarre article of how the government are training dolphins to attack terrorist and locate bombs.
(Ya didn't hear it from me)
Logo for a campaign to eat hole in the wall restaurants because I'm cheap. I'm really stressing about this project and the campaign going along with it. This is my first time making a logo, and I already hate it!
Mock Magazine design. I tried REALLY HARD not to use Helvetica.
Next up in blog posts: (Get Excited!)

Making Thanksgiving Dinner for the 1st Time by Myself
What I found during Thrift Shopping
The Happiest Place on Earth

Love you all! See you real soon!


  1. Love the illustration for the tea boxes (:

    What I'm getting from the Los Angeles logo is that LA is the place for dining; food central.

  2. I would buy the tea with the llama/alpaca on it! Don't hate on your logos, the all red one is pretty nice.