December 16, 2011

One Woman's Trash, is Another Woman's Treasure.

Thanksgiving break was a much needed vacation! School was pretty hectic for me and cooking Thanksgiving dinner was not easy at all. While everyone else was out shopping for Black Friday, I whined down and went Thrift shopping with my baby girl Mellie. We went to 2 different shops and this is what I found. I got 5 items, and totaled to be around $20, YEAHHH BUDDY!

While I was taking these pictures, I was learning how to use my camera and using the lights to my advantage. Not bad for a beginner taking photos at 10pm huh? Plus posing felt pretty awkward while my best friend laughed at me.

Hah, the boyfriend called, so I used the phone as a prop!
Mellie bought me that silk scarf when she was studying abroad in the UK. I asked her to bring back an authentic French beret when she took a trip to France.... She didn't, but she found this at the thrift store. So now she can say she got me that beret. Check out this lining on this baby!

Which is your favorite outfit?


  1. All of those outfits were really cute! The green scarf in the last outfit was adorable :)