March 17, 2012

Birthday Post

I "just" turned 22 on January. I know, this blog post is far too late. But I still want to share what I did. So for my 22nd birthday, I just wanted to have a quiet night in with the boyfriend. I wanted to drink wine, eat cake, and cuddle. I got what I wanted, and more! Here are some photos of that night:

I know I didn't do this at night, but look at it! It's a yummy burrito!!
Got breakfast at Nick's Cafe. I ordered a chorizo potato burrito with some
spicy salsa. And the boyfriend got the usual breakfast, eggs, hash browns, and toast.
My former co-worker Daisy, gave me this cake for my birthday. FYI: I use to work at
Chinatown's famous Phoenix bakery. I still love their pastries.
 At Phoenix, we got the Tiramisu infused with Kahlua. And the Napoleon with Phoenix's best light whip cream. 
Can't forget the Vino, we were pretty lame and bought a Stella Rosa at the
San Antonio Winery. I need to find a delicious wine for myself besides Stella.
The next day, my boyfriend took me out to watch Red Tail which I was excited to see. But was totally turned off by the bold red san serif type they used to introduce the movie, the boring story line, mediocre acting, and Ne-yo's weird tobacco chewing accent. But overall, it was pretty entertaining. After, he took me to Kabuki we feast like royalty. After an amazing meal, we went right over to a friends house to drink. I have lovely boyfriend.....

.... and Amazing friends. I got treated out to a bar, caught up with one of my girls and drank tea at Chado, recieved Forever21 gift cards, received an wide format inkjet printer that I've been needing for school, and got a book I've been wanting. Thanks everyone for making my birthday special.

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