March 16, 2012


I know I haven't blogged for such a long time. I've just been so swamped with school. I'm constantly challenging myself and soaking things up. There is no such thing as Senioritis in college. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty tiring balancing out school, family, friends, and the boyfriend. But when it comes to working hard, I play just as hard. Naw, just kidding. Here's a recap of the things I've done since I last blogged.

Got my fortune told by Zoltar at the Santa Monica Pier. He said
that I have a keen mind and an understanding nature. How'd you
know Zoltar!? Also he foretold that I will be happy in the future
with a beautiful home. SCORE.
I'm not afraid of this no more :]
Went to a freak show at Venice beach. There was a bunch of mutated taxidermy animals,
an actual show where the performers gets electrocuted, swallow swords, and stapled dirty
money onto their bodies. 
I wonder if one of the head eats, will the other one
stay hungry?
The boyfriend took me shooting for the first time at the LA Gun Club.
Very intimidating, but fun.
Don't mess!! I posted this up on my wall, it's kind of creepy at night
though. I feel like the paper is going to get revenge on me.
Got suckered into trying one of these babies because of tumblr.
$1.75 for a lipgloss sized cookie with ganache in the center. BOO!
Which reminds me, follow my new tumblr:
I also went to the clubs. I had so much dance to dance out.
You just don't understand!
Girl with the cutest nipples and booty, Shawntay. Man with the best dance
moves, Buddha.
Can you see me feeding my friend Ashley a cherry? So classy.

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