January 15, 2010

Things That Annoy Me

1. People knocking on the bathroom door to use the toilet while you're showering.
2. People who think they have to live up to their stereotype.
3. Unwanted attention from males
4. Making eye contact with someone from across the room by accident.
5. When you work really hard on something and you get a okay grade, while the person next to you barely tries gets a good grade.
6. Too much confidence for their own good
7. The farting sound you make when sitting on pleather sofas or chairs, so you have to do it again so people won't think you farted.
8. Elitist (Even though I can be one sometimes)
9. Saying "hi" to people first, but when you stop saying it, they never initiate it.
10. Conversations when you're thinking, "Okay, get to the point!"
11. Promiscuous people
12. Loud noises when you're trying to sleep
13. Tripping over your own feet
14. People who keep eye contact too long
15. People who get really defensive; conversations aren't fun with you.
16. Annoying laughs
17. Embarrassing yourself while trying to look cool in front of the opposite sex.
18. Money
19. Good looking people with ugly personalities
20. Couples who are on & off
21. Guys liking girls that are waaaaayy to good for them
22. People who talk about themselves too much and never ask about you
23. People who stare
24. People that want to hang out with you, but don't talk much. So you try so hard to entertain them.
25. Hearing your own voice when recorded
26. When people talk about their significant other a lot and it starts to make you feel really lonely
27. Feeling like the 3rd wheel
28. Psycho Christians that make good Christians look bad.
29. When your Asian parents force you to drink nasty soup, and there's like itty bitty stuff in the end, but they force you to drink that part anyways.
30. That certain friend who always is challenging you about your opinions
31. People who think they are much cooler than they really are.
32. Strangers and friends constantly reminding you of how your body looks.
33. People who complain that they are fat when they really aren't.
34. Guys that are trying to get at every girl he knows to increase his chances to not be lonely.
35. When videos buffer
36. Online alter egos
37. People who add you on Facebook or Myspace but never talk to you in person.
38. Excited to get something and going to the store finding out they ran out.
39. People who only talk to you because they want something from you.
40. Waking up
41. Growing up and watching people change for the worst.
42. People who correct you all the time.
43. People who think they are funny, but really their jokes don't make any sense, so you politely smile or laugh.
44. Sales tax
45. Profile pictures that cover the owners face
46. Mixing words up and feeling stupid afterward
47. People who forget my name, IT'S SO EASY!
48. How I avoid eye contact, so people think I'm a bitch
49. Unnecessary cussing
50. Boring people like to talk to me
51. When someone asks me "what's new" and nothing new or exciting ever happened besides going grocery shopping.
52. How young girls try to act older
53. Close minded people
54. Feeling like crap on Valentines day
55. Listening to constant bickering
56. Liking something, then that becomes a trend so you have to find a new thing to like.
57. Attention whores
58. Feeling unappreciated by friends
59. Girls who dance and grind up all over each other thinking their hot when really they aren't.
60. Seeing a group of Asians I'm not familiar with.

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