January 16, 2010

Things That MMD8

Funny... it was a lot harder for me to think of things that make my day over things that annoy me.

1. When you find money in your jean pockets
2. Buying new clothes
3. Making a mean dinner, when you and your roommates were starving.
4. Free stuff
5. Getting a good grade when you weren't expecting it.
6. When a teacher tells you you're talented.
7. When one of my girls randomly calls me to say "Hi".
8. Discounts
9. Handmade gifts for no particular reason.
10. When people bring over treats to my dorm.
11. Froyo with lots of fruit topping
12. Random conversations with (non creepy) strangers.
13. Assurance that God is real
14. Cruising with my bike under the shade of the trees.
15. When a guy gives you that look as if they were mesmerized by your beauty (lol)
16. A good steak
17. Keeping in touch with childhood friends
18. Fulfilling that craving you had
19. When people do nice things for you for no particular reason.
20. Sincere compliments
21. Meeting adorable people that just make your world a little more happier.
22. Meeting people's pets
23. Car rides with good music
24. Seeing old couples holding hands in public.
26. Laughing really hard with my bff, so hard you start to build phlegm in your throat (I know, it's sick, but it's some hardcore laughing)
27. Spontaneity
28. When I'm wearing cute undergarments and no one knows it.
29. When a song sings exactly what you're feeling.
30. When a package comes for you.
31. People that look bad, but are actually good.
32. Intellectual Gangsters
33. Good character
34. Ditching class and finding out that class was cancelled that day.
35. Capturing a good picture of yourself.
36. Thinking you don't have the potential until you try and then realizing you're actually pretty good at it.
37. Getting sleepy on time
38. Jackie Chan
39. Getting a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and feeling confident.
40. Serious people being silly
41. When males are chivalrous
42. Inspiration
43. Knowing that there is one friend who will always be there.
44. When friends open up to you about things they never shared.
45. Knowing that you have a future and working hard to make it.
46. A great class: There's a really cute boy, the teacher is hilarious, and the subject is interesting
47. When the bus comes for you right on time.
48. When the bus fare machine doesn't work, so you get in for free.
49. Being successful in avoiding annoying people.
50. Deep conversations
51. When my favorite shows come up on my hulu queue
52. Finish reading a really good book.
53. Nice weather
54. Being able to talk about artsy stuff to one person while everyone else thinks you're crazy.
55. Knowing people who watch the same shows you do, so you can talk about it.
56. A clean kitchen
57. Getting enough sleep.
58. When people tell you, you smell good.
59.When you have a really good idea for an art project and you're motivated to work.
60. When you suggest someone something they might like, and they end up loving it.
61. When my dad is having a good day.

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