January 01, 2010

All Things Love

Lately I've been really into romantic, cutesy, lovey dovey, gushy type things. I believe my best friend got me into it because she's SOOO sprung in her relationship. They are always doing romantic gestures for each other. Which is why I've been watching a lot of romantic movies & a cute taiwanese drama. Which is very unlikely of me because I'm usually the one that goes, "that never happens in real life! "(The Notebook when the old couple died together), "Dumbasses! (Romeo and Juliet when they suicide)", "SO LAME" (Twilight when Edward stops the car from crashing into Bella) "Gross!!" (When my couple friends kiss each other in public). And now I'm all into it, "Awww!"and *sigh* I think my favorite romantic movies are Titanic (When Jack draws Rose, did you see how focused he was!? HOT!), Enchanted (How-Does-She-Know-That-You-Love-Her?), 500 Days of Summer (When the guy talks about the things he loves best about the girl), Disney's Up (The beginning made me bawl).

So here are a few things that will hopefully get you high... on LOVE :] ENJOY

"Four years ago, when i was 18, i noticed that at night my front window is very reflective so i was pretending to dive in slow motion and shoot, dual pistol style. Suddenly a really hot girl walked past and i was startled and fell over. Embarrassed i waited for a bit and then stood up. As i stoop up i saw her slowly shooting an imaginary rifle from behind a car. We then proceeded to do this for 10 minutes until she did an extremely dramatic death. She wasn't getting up so i went outside to meet her. Once i got to where she was, there was nothing but a piece of paper with a mobile number on it. Today, we are getting married. MLIA" (repost from Lucy's Tumbler)

(That guys dumb face annoys me)

(Repost from LeLove)
(Repost from LeLove)

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