June 20, 2010

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,
     It's been a whole month since I've been spending time with you. I had a wonderful time doing a bunch of nothing at home, but I feel as if I'm not being productive. So I beg of you Summer, to let me be hired and be able to crash at least one class. I need a life, please keep me busy. Plus, the extra money will help me with the new apartment.

Yours Truly,
Wai <3

Boring Summer days means countless of hours of YouTube surfing. So I found a great new artist worth listening to. Now open your ears and let the rh-rh-rh-rhythm and harmony make Art in Your Heart.

For some odd reason, I really enjoy that instrument that sounds like a harmonica but looks like a keyboard. It gives the whole song a folky feel. Turns out that instrument is called a Melodica... Just to let you know.

32 Key Melodica

(Trying to explain slowly that I'm making dinner for to him  for Father's Day)
Dad: You think I'm stupid?! In China, I finished the 3rd grade!

Happy Father's Day :]

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