July 06, 2010

Action Scene

I'm horrible. It's 4:17am, and I have class at 8:00 am. I always do this to myself. I think I'm meant to be nocturnal. Oh and yes, I was able to add my Poly Sci class; All thanks to perseverance. I thought my chances were slim to none because there had to be about 20 people trying to add, and 2 open spots. Everyone trying to add had that mischievous look in their eyes. Like that scene in an action movie where two guys are fighting. The bad guy whips out his gun, but you bust a roundhouse and kick the gun out of his hand before he aims at you. Both of you watch the gun in slow motion as it falls to the ground. And there's this intimate moment right before you both run to it, that last for a millisecond, where you both make eye contact. Yup that's the look I'm talking about.

Here's some random stuff that I've been exposed to:

Passionate, Intelligent, and Handsome. Where can I find one of these?
Velvet voice Adam Yamaguchi, Current's Vanguard.

"It does not pay to be drunk and horny."

You know, we got these t-shirts so we wouldn't loose each other at the beach.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still single.

Apparently is trying to befriend me, but is doing it really creepily. I'll pass.

I love my Milk Tea...... and Seasoned Fries

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