July 14, 2010


the simple things in life.
  • driving alone, and your jam comes up. 
  • riding your bike under the shade of trees. 
I miss riding my Chocolat on campus :[
  • deep conversations about life, love, and relationships.
  • imagining you are a character in a music video or imagining that you were the inspiration for a song.

    I like doing this when I'm walking home alone, while listening to Phantom Planet- Somebody's Baby.
  • doing nothing with great friends. 
  • Chocolate run with the BFF.

    Get a free chocolate every month @ Godiva when you get a rewards card!
  • making a bad situation into a positive.
So I directed my friends to the wrong trail while hiking. We thought we were going to a water fall which is only a little over 2 miles (to and back), but we ended up nearly being on top of a mountain that was a little over 5 miles. We may have walked a lot in the hot sun, but the memories are worth it .
  • a reminder of how our parents use to sing, play, and comfort us as kids. 
  • being immature on purpose and laughing really hard about it.
  • Hot dog and a drink for $1.50
Yummy, Costco food after studying for a political science midterm.

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      1. Why so serious? You are always smiling!!! Love the jacket though!