December 01, 2010

Drunk Photographer

I really like this picture! It came out so well, and everyone looks really good in it. It's funny how it was taken by a drunk guy. BTW Happy 20th Birthday A Mac!

I don't normally rant on my blog, but I just have to let it out. It's been bugging me SOOOOOO much lately. But here it goes:

Dear Cock blockers,

Piss off! You seriously BUUGGGGG. I'm trying to talk to your boy, but your dumbass is latched to him like a friggan barnacle on a whale. And you have the nerve to steer the conversation away from me. Just.... walk away man. It's what I do when I see something is going on. There is nothing wrong with walking away and trying to start a conversation with someone new. Just because you ain't getting any action doesn't mean you have to mess it up for the rest of us. Thank you.

Cock Blocked
Fat Booth, thanks Shy
I got so worked up about cock blockers. Now, I'm going to let this chap serenade me, so I can go into lovey dovey mode.

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