July 01, 2011

California Girls

I've been on Summer vacation since May and California is starting to feel the heat. A great way to kick off the summer with this hot weather is to go to the beach!

Welcome to Manhattan Beach!
It is one of the most expensive American coastal towns to live in. There are a bunch of beautiful homes, cute boutiques, and quaint restaurants that line Manhattan Ave. You can see the locals riding their cruisers, sun baked surfers waxing their boards, and some men having a bruski in their balconies while they watch the ladies pass by in their skimpy bikinis.

Watch out for these bastards. We saw one fly past us and pooped with no regard of the people below them. Then there was this one seagull that kept taunting us by flying over us a few times.
"Ashley MAD! Tan not on Ashley!"
We tried to be cute, instead we came out looking awkward and unattractive.
We're not tigers, we're grabbing air boobies.
Lady who was mesmerized by the waves.
Good bye! See you in a few weeks!

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