August 07, 2011

Food Bucket list

I have created a short list of all the foods I want to try. Enjoy!

Steak Tartar
Yes, THAT is raw meat. Raw meat is so taboo for me because I was always told to eat fully cooked meat. My dad would even forbid me to eat steak that is medium rare.  If my dad knew that I enjoy Sashimi & Raw Oysters he'll make me suffer his lecture of food poisoning. 

Ethiopian Food

 I find it so interesting how food is eaten because I bet most of us don't realize all the food etiquette that is involved with each culture. Like in Asian cusines, there are a few dishes where everyone shares. And everyone gets a few bites of whatever their heart desires with their chopsticks. They take their bite size portion and bring it to their own bowl of rice. In Western food, everyone gets their portions and eat it off their own plate with different forks, knives, and spoons.
>>>Side Story: When my siblings first brought my old fashioned parents to a Cafe, they ordered steaks. They had a hard time cutting their meat and using the fork. Can you imagine my mother finally giving up cutting her steak and eating it off her fork like it was a Costco sample on a toothpick.

Then in the Ethiopian culture everybody shares this huge tray of separate portions of stewed veggies and spiced meats. Everyone uses flat bread to pick up their food, which goes straight into their mouths. 

>>>Another Side Story: Last time I had a nice hot bowl of Albondigas, which is a Mexican meatball soup with hearty pieces of zucchini, carrots, and potatoes. The soup came with homemade corn tortillas and I didn't even think about how to eat it. So my dumb ass puts some meatballs and zucchini in the tortilla and eats it like a taco, because God knows that's the only way you eat Mexican food. My brother and his best friend, who happens to be Hispanic calls me out on it. I was suppose to dip the tortilla into the soup while I had spoonful. Or a spoonful, and taking a bite of the tortilla. IGNANT.

Odori Don
So creepy yet intriguing! No worries PETA, but this squid is dead. When the sodium from the soysauce comes in contact with the nuerons in the squid's muscles, it comes back from the dead and boogies the night away.

Spotted Dick

I bet you smirked when you read that title. This dish actually consist of dried fruits in a bread like pudding topped with custard. The name actually means spotted Dog. Not spotted no-no's!

Beluga Caviar
This is food for the sophisticated. Which is something I am not. But I would definitely love to try it. I had Masago caviar from Japanese restaurants, and enjoy the texture of it. It is so much fun having them pop in my mouth.

For the serious caviar eaters, caviar is eaten with a mother of pearl spoon. The natural mollusk shell spoon is used so that it would avoid tainting the taste of the caviar because the metal will oxidize it.

Crocodile & Deer Meat
Just cause.

Anything Fresh from the Farm or Ocean

I think my biggest food fantasy is just eating foods from where it came from. I'd get a foodgasm from just harvesting some vegetables and cooking it right at the farm. Or fishing in the ocean for crustaceans, then bringing it back to shore and cooking it right on the camp fire. LOVELY. 

What are some foods you want to try before you die?

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