October 04, 2009

Going Veg

Yep, that's right. Wai the carnivore is going Vegetarian...

For 3 days. Yeah I know three days seems like nothing to you guys, but I just love meat that much! Especially with the dinner I've already planned. I bought fish, pork chops, chicken breast for the alfredo, and ground beef for the curry. I don't know why I agreed to do this, but I just can't turn down a dare like this. So by blogging about this, It's going to be official and I will try my hardest to not give into sweet, sweeet, meat. Also, I will be posting pictures of what I'm going to eat during my binge. If I happen to eat meat during my binge, then Jenny has the permission to punch me as hard as she can. And I can't risk that for my cute wittle face. hahaha

Starting: Monday 12:00am
Ending: Wednesday 12:00am

Songs I've Been Really Into:

"When I catch a feesh, I put it in the flidge."

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