April 22, 2010


I haven't seen my family for almost two weeks and I miss them. Usually I don't "miss" my family just because I like the freedom I never had a few years back. Yet I feel so thankful that I get to spend time with them almost every week because there are other people out there who don't get to see their families for months, years, or ever!

I remember when I was about 8 years old, I was hanging in the kitchen watching my dad eat his breakfast and my mom cleaning the dishes. My mom randomly tells me,
"We're getting old".

Right then and there, I felt the lump in my throat, my lips puckered, and tears started streaming down my face. Silly right? At the time, yes. Just last Friday, my father calls me on the phone, "How are you doing? Did you eat dinner? Wear a sweater, it's cold! Focus on school so you can take care of me."-the usual. Then he calls me an hour later and tells me the same exact thing. I don't know whether you're comprehending this, but old age is creeping right behind my dad and it's not treating him well. There has been signs of him being forgetful, but I just can't seem to accept the fact that he's aging. I do that because as a child, we grow up believing that our parents are invincible, and is always there to help and support you.

I'm 20 years old, and it's immature to think that way, but the point is:

Spend quality time with your family before it's too late. I admit it, I've taken them for granted. At this point in my life: my siblings are getting married, I'm out by myself in college, parents are retired. Give it a few more years and soon enough everyone is going to have their own lives to tend to. And it would be so much harder to even have dinner together as a family. Even worse, your parents may not ever be there to make it for dinner.

I hate to post up such a depressing post. I don't usually post anything personal about myself, but I feel that I needed to say this. Now go on, make some new memories with your family.

My rents when they first married in Guang Zhou China.

My parents a year ago.

My brother and my new sister in law.

My sister and her fiance.

It's funny how we want to become older when we were young. Now that I'm older, I want to go back to the days when everyone lived under one roof.


  1. love this post, girl

    i'm such a creeper :'(

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