April 30, 2010

Strangers Made My Day

I took a day trip by myself to Downtown LA, and I ended up having a GREAT day! I needed this time alone, I've just been a little too hard on myself lately. But a few strangers totally made my day today. So let me tell you about my adventure:

So I took public transportation in the center of the jewelery district (creepy & depressing place), and it was pretty uncomfortable let me tell you that. I was walking to Hill/7th to take Line 20, and some guy a half block away screams to these people eating "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL". Fun. But I did get to see some cool sights from riding the bus.

What an inspiration, I found a beautiful mural of Jaime Escalante and the guy who played him in Stand and Deliver.

I like how Downtown has old and modern architecture. Here is a Korean Church with an ornate design on it's front door.

Success! I finally got to the La Brea Tar Pits :]

Bones of a Mammoth native to California. Never realized how big a lot of these ice age animals were. Did you know we had lions in California!? AMAZING.

An installation of Dire Fox skulls. This was just only 1 panel of the 3 they had displayed on the wall. Very artsy.

I went to the LACMA gift shop and found a basket of Georgia O'keeffe's. Friggan cute huh!? But a little creepy... No wonder it was on the floor, hiding beneath a shelf.

After wards, I visited a little Folk Art museum across the street. They had a cool exhibition of Tarot cards and what they symbolized. Took the bus to the Red line on Wilshire/Vermont, bought two tamales and sat on a bench to eat. Then this middle aged man says hi to me and I say hi back. He comes over and gets down on one knee and gives me a flower that he made. He hurt his knee, so I had to help him up. LOL.

Then I took the Red line back, visited Olvera Street and bought these babies! They are hand etched, hammered with gold foil, and are from Spain. BTW, SAVE OLVERA STREET, sign this petition:

Once I was done window shopping, I walked home, and this guy was like, "Hey! Hey! Can you do me a favor?" "Depends..." "Do me a favor and stay beautiful! You look like an Angel walking while holding that flower" LMAO!

So yep, true story...

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