April 25, 2010

Contradicting Feelings

There was once a time when "time" treated this man pleasantly. When "time" was nice to him, he had eyes as big as moons, an angular jaw that demanded authority, a body that never bailed on him, and thick black hair that cascaded his head like rice paddies ready to be harvest. He came to the Gold Mountain in hopes of luck and prosperity. Like most "hopes", his hope was deceitful. Gold Mountain wasn't the place for a Chinese farmer who didn't know a word of English. He spent his life working 12 hour shifts in a greasy Chinese Restaurant, in order to support his wife and his three beautiful energetic kids. He dealt with Chinese woks that sizzled with anger when the White Ghost requested order after order of Kung Pow Beef or Orange Chicken. He was lonely in the land of ghosts; no aunties, no mama or baba, no brothers, no one. Like a poison, time slowly seeped through his veins. The revelation of his hopes cannot be his reality corroded his brain cells. As neurons after neurons are dispatched, he passes his hopes to his kids-longing that it becomes reality.


You make it incredibly hard to love you.

Is it dementia or just seeking attention?

Either way, it's difficult to put up with You.

You make us feel ungrateful.

Your Kids

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