May 18, 2011

7 Deadly Sins

Stealing this from Axel! I know I won't commit to this, so I did it all right now.

day 1 - pride. seven great things about yourself.
1. I'm pretty creative
2. I'm flippin' cute. DUH.
3. I'm loyal to my loved ones
4. I'm not a girly girl
5. bottomless pit
6. I'm really good at making people think that their interesting.
7. born and raised from the barrio

day 2 - envy. seven things you lack and covet.
1. I want to be able to speak Cantonese well.
2. financial independence
3. fat
4. I really wish I can dance,
5. or sing.
6. a significant other
7. speak Mandarin

day 3 - wrath. seven things that piss you off.
1. people that always need to be right
2. rich kids who are bratty
3. atheist who think people who believe in some kind of deity are weak or stupid
4. people who are rude for no reason
5. liars
6. When it's safe to change lanes and I turn my signal on, and the fucker on the next lane that I'm trying to get in sees and speeds up so I have to swirve back into my lane.
7. ugly losers who have high standards

day 4 - sloth. seven things you neglect to do.
1. washing dishes
2. dressing cute for school
3. reading the whole article or chapter for school work
4. texting
5. waking up early
6. math
7. sleep early

day 5 - greed. seven worldly material desires.
1. loft with big industrial windows
2. 50's refrigerator
3. black quilted Chanel bag
4. a Wii
5. One of Audrey Kawasaki's paintings
6. Volkswagon Bus with Mod designed curtains so I can road trip with my friends
7. A shiny black Pontiac 1968 Firebird

day 6 - gluttony. seven guilty pleasures.
1. pastries
2. pasta
4. tacos
5. Disney Channel
6. boys who act cute with their guy friends
7. kitty cats and big dogs

day 7 - lust. seven love secrets.
1. joseph gordon-levitt
2. recently been digging asian men
3. arms!
4. watching a guy talk about or do something they're passionate about
5. when a guy knows how to cook, well. DAYUM. Way to my heart.
6. when a guy takes initiative. DAYUM!
7. I'm not the most romantic girl but secretly want to be.


  1. "6. boys who act cute with their guy friends"