May 31, 2011

Unlucky Pleco

Happy Memorial Day Everybody! 
Thank you to all the war heros that fought for my country. I hope everybody had an awesome 3 day weekend!

I'm so happy I get a day off of work. Working full time sucks! To celebrate Memorial day, my friend and I went to a park near by and fished. I finally got some rechargeable batteries and put my good camera to use. Enjoy!
Preparing the rods. The fishes at this lake love them some white bread and tortillas.
I'm a professional when it comes to catching that green stuff (Algae?)
Wooo! Beginners luck! In my first cast, I caught this little pleco by accident, it was caught in between my line. The last time I fished, I woke up at 5 in the morning and fished till noon and caught NOTHING. While we were fish-less, these 7 year olds next to us barely came and caught like 7 right away! As you can tell I had a bad experience, but catching this buddy by accident made me feel real good about fishing.
The next 3 hours blew chunks. All we caught was more green stuff and a neck tan. Shouldn't have had my hopes up.  I swear the fishes in the lake were taunting me, I kept seeing them jump out of the water. 
Eventually, we called it quits and Johnny started being immature. 
Then there was this lady who looked like her dog...
...and a grown man flying this kite. Super cute.

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  1. have you been to the moca street art exhibition. if not save the date for mel and me. we can go on a "man" date.