May 15, 2011

Summer is Near

Woo! Summer is near! I can feeeeeeeel it! Well, not really. The weather in LA county has been quite moody lately; hot, cold, hot, cold. But I just know that I'm excited for school to be over so I:
don't have to stress
can party without the guilt
can have some quiet reading time to myself
can do nothing :] (dolce far niente)

This upcoming week is finals, and I'm done with my Ballet and Illustration. I just need to worry about:

Indian Art History
  • Answer 2 questions in essay format aprox: 4 pages < GROSS
  • Visit the Norton Simon and write 2 pages about my experience
World Art History
  • Research Paper 4 pages
And my favorite class...
Printmaking class
  • Turn in my edition of 17 for a print exchange. Our theme is duality and has to be within the size of 6x4".
  • Look cute for necktie day, but I'm wearing a bowtie because I'm rebellious like that.
  • Then have a Margarita with my professor (I can't wait for the sweet taste of salt on the rim)
Edition of 17 for printmaking exchange, and ready to GO!
Illustration Merchandise project DONE. I hate it, but my teacher loves it. So it's ALLLLL good.
My roommate and I had Ballet,  and we are OVER it. God she's cute. 

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