January 19, 2011

AIR MAIL from the UK

Super excited! This is my Christmas gift from Mellie from Leeds. It totally made Ashley's and my day. The package arrived at Ashley's house today and she came to my house after her paramedic class. I don't know why our package came this late and why it was partially opened and beaten up. But here are my theories why it would be:

  • The Scrooge thought sending gifts from the UK to the States was humbug. So he kept it and then the 3 Christmas Ghost gave him a piece of their mind. 
  • Some German Shepard sniffed the package and started barking at it. The postal service thought maybe there was crack cocaine in it. Turns out it was a chocolate penguin and the dog ate some and died.
  • The Postal Service in the UK thought it was a football.
  • The Postal Service in the US thought it was a soccer ball.
  • The Package fell off the airplane and was stranded in the Atlantic Ocean. Then it was washed ashore at Ellis Island.

Well whatever happened, I'm so very happy that it's here. Ashley and I opened our gifts in her car and both got a lunch box and cute food containers. Plus I got a vintage satin handkerchief and Ashley got a chocolate penguin full of yummy Nestle Smarties that was smashed (Because of the German Shepard, R.I.P.). But we ate it, and was jolly as can be. Thanks Mellie, we love you and we can't wait for you to come back.

I love handmade Christmas cards.
All I need is a baby thermal and a utensil set and I'll be the coolest kid at my school.

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