January 07, 2011

Optimism is TOUGH

"You don't learn to fly, if you're not prepared to crash."
-Joe Brooks

Oh I've been crashing alright. I feel like opportunities are given to me and then immediately taken away. What sucks is that I don't even get a chance to prove myself or even get my feet wet. These false hopes are killing me. It's the same exact feeling when you haven't pocketed any of your balls in billiards in a long time. And once you do, you get super excited, but then the cue ball follows along with it. In result, loosing your turn. Yeah that feeling, fucked up right? Lets hope 2011 will allow me to keep these opportunities or even lead me to better ones. I can sure go for some chocolate chip pancakes with fresh banana slices and a dollop of whip cream right now.

However, this video makes me quite happy. Help Pogo travel around the world so he can make the ultimate world remix. Tell everybody you know!

Like what you see? Help Pogo out! World Remix

1 comment:

  1. keep that head up baby girl. you will be alright! life just keeps handing these hurdles just to see if you can jump over them and you are. don't give up <3 xxx