January 10, 2011

Happy News

Remember Quincy from last post? Well I've got some exciting news to tell you! This morning Quincy woke me up around 8 in the morning. I took the towel off his temporary home and brought him outside to the balcony so he can sing and chirp at the the budgies near by. I felt so bad for him, he looked so lonely. When my brother got home, he asked my neighbor/brother's childhood friend if we can have their old cage. Then we went out to the pet shop and got him a cuttle bone fish and a WIFE. She's white as snow, plump, and beautiful, I named her Pearl. Once my brother put Pearl in the cage with Quincy, they started chirping at each other. Quincy even had the nerve to peck her head. But now they are inseparable. Quincy is putting the moves on her by puffing his chest, flexing his wings, cleaning her, and singing to her. Let's hope he gets some.

When they first met, it was a little awkward. Quincy: "So... you like.. stuff?"
Lovely home isn't it? It has 2 perches and a swing. Just like the temporary home (bachelors pad).

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