January 04, 2011

The Thrift Gods are Smiling Upon Me

I had a dream the other day where I was looking through a girl's abandoned storage place. This girl was an artist and some how I found out her name was Erica Lim. I found some of her drawings, clothes, troll dolls, and purses. I don't know what my dream suppose to mean, but it put me in a real good mood to go thrift shopping. I don't normally buy anything from secondhand stores, just because I can never find anything that fits me right and the prices are way too high. I'm not going to fork over $40-$60 bucks over a used blouse or dress; today was different. I went to one in the valley and finally had some luck. Let me show you my treasures.

Strawberry Kiwi Made You Looks Seymour Sunglasses$2.99
Carpet Bags of America Beige Faux Crocodile Purse $2.99
In my dream I actually wanted to buy purses, and here it is! 
A purse in reality. Sweet.
Merlot Laced Full Length Dress Circa 70/80's $4.99
This dress fits like a dream and has a Victorian collar; s
elegant! I'm going to modernize it and shorten it to above my
knees. I'm surprised this dress doesn't have that funky thrift
smell, it actually smells really good. I hope this dress doesn't fly 
around at night. Creepy.
TOTAL: $10.97
+25% morning discount
I'm not going to lie, I like those numbers.

Speaking of vintage, I got this 50's house wife Christmas
card from the best roommate ever!

I just had to share. Doesn't that look good? The Habit charbroiled
burger. I'm not normally a burger girl! So that's a big compliment!
Go get some!


  1. Good work! Someday, I want to find purple bowling shoes at a secondhand store. Someday... =) Cute blog,


  2. hey thanks for the e-mail! :D :D such a nice surprise to wake up to. i have never bought anything thrift. mainly because authentic vintage stuff are SOOOO pricey :|

    one time i almost bought an aged leather satchel though. it was cute but again, way outta budget. looks like you got yourself some nice keeps! i like the dress but it seems like it could be a little too long on me. lol!