January 09, 2011


"Lubee, look what I have. Wake up. Look!", This morning I woke up to my mom holding a plastic jar with a little nervous Zebra Finch in it. She said she found it caught in between a window.
Side Story: When I was in elementary, my mom found a little baby turtle just walking around at one of the shopping plazas at Chinatown. She put it in her grocery bag and brought it back home. I took care of it and named it Squirtle, along with two older turtles named Blastoise and Warturtle.
We were about to set it free when my sister lied that she wanted it, but it's really for my dad since he loves birds and it is an activity to exercise his brain because he's getting pretty senile.

Cute right? I think I'll name it Quincy.
I did my research on how to keep a Zebra Finch happy, so hopefully my mom allows us to keep it. Since my sister didn't have time to buy a cage, I went out to the 99 cent store to make a temporary one:

Cage Contains:
  • Trash bin
  • 2 different size chopsticks (Quincy can jump around and flex his little dirty birdy feet muscles.)
  • 2 Porcelain flower pot reservoirs for bird feed & water
  • 1 Cellphone charm with string (For play)
  • Fashion bangle (As a swing)
  • Plastic food platter to cover the bottom
I only spent $2 dollars for the trash bin and bird feed. Everything else was found at home. Yeah, I know; it's pretty ghetto but it works! It's only until we find one of those antique Chinese bird cage. Plus I think we just might get Quincy a friend. But that's only if we get to keep him... or her.

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